Sunday, January 17, 2010

No. 0056 - 3D Clone Brush

Clone brush is the greatest Photoshop tool ever! For those who are not familiar with clone brush, here goes the crash course. Once you have selected the clone brush tool in Photoshop, you can point your target at any part of the picture and while holding down Alt, left click so the program would register where you want to start copying from. Then, point your pointer somewhere else in the picture and mouse left click. Now you will see your original registered image location showing up in your current target location. Move your mouse around and you will see portion of your image from your original location showing up in your current location; essentially copying and pasting within the same picture.

Typically this tool is used for covering blemishes in a photo such as dust, specks, hairs and other common photography noises in a picture. Great for cover pimples on people's faces or even an open fly. Personally, what's even funnier is giving people third arms or Chinese eyes (good times!).

Then I thought, wouldn't it be cool to have a 3D clone brush? Say you are at dinner and you are still hungry after your portion. Just take out your clone brush and target your sibling's pork chop and eureka! More pork chop for you! Is someone annoying the heck out of you at work from talking too much? Target your co-work's face and clone away their mouth! (This maybe a problem when you decide to give them a mouth back because technically, he or she would never get their original mouth back, maybe this 3D clone blush should have an option to clone from a 2D picture as well). Need an extra hand to do some thing? Want to learn how to fly with wings? Want to have jet engines sticking out of your shoulders? . . . . you get the idea.