Saturday, January 14, 2017

No 0067 - Chow Patent 2 - Vacuum

-Guest post by Sarah

OK, Patrick didn't invent THE vacuum. But he invents vacuums.

According to Patrick, it was pretty random that he first applied to work at iRobot. He liked robots and thought the company was cool. In retrospect, Patrick and iRobot are an absolutely perfect fit. And it's not just because Patrick loves the passionate culture, has totally taken on the extracurricular training and mentoring, and would rather be at work than anywhere else (case in point, we spent our 5-year anniversary going into the office no less than three times so he could check on some parts he was printing). 

But more importantly, and despite his objections to the contrary, Patrick is obsessed with vacuums. And he's quite the connoisseur. Our new house no longer has a central vac, but we do have 1 upright vacuum, 1 shop vac, 1 dust buster, 1 tiny crumb vacuum3 Roombas1 Scooba2 Braavas, and 1 set of tiny vacuum attachments. Even more impressive--or disturbing--Patrick actively uses all of them. 

Anywhere any other person might use any other cleaning tool, Patrick will use a vacuum. Need to clear the kitchen table? Vacuum. Bug in the house? Vacuum. Burnt bits on the bottom of a hot oven? Vacuum. Need to teach your kid to crawl? Vacuum.