Tuesday, May 7, 2013

No. 0065 - Zelda: Coin-Op in the Land of Spain

As Sarah and I are journeying through Spain. I couldn't help but wanting to retell my experience this morning in the context of Zelda. So here we go.

Link = me
Princess = Sarah

Little town of Girona in the nation of Spain

Do the laundry

iPhone that has ran out of magic (data plan)
50 pieces of Euro
Nalgene bottle of water

Plot line:
So while the Princess is off to her conference for her work, Link has been left to his own devices to get the laundry done in a strange land where his language ability is very very limited.  His ever so trusting tool of choice, the iPhone 4S, ran out of data just the day prior. As a result, his GPS and the language translator are down; both which have proven to be necessary for the survival in these strange lands. And most importantly, the location of the laundromat is also bookmarked in iMap, so the success of this mission solely relies on the revival of the iPhone.

With a backpack full of dirty laundry, Link was off to look for a grocery store to recharge the data.  It wasn't until a few turns away from the hotel that he realized he has foolishly left behind the regular paper map at the hotel so the further he goes, the more likely he was going to get lost. Nevertheless, he pressed on.  Now you would think that by 9:30am that there will be at least one or two grocery store open . . . nope, nothing.  Tobacco stores on the other hand, seems to have a pretty successful establishment here (comparable to Starbucks or McDonalds) and to my surprise, they are open.  With the little Spanish Link knows and his 5 Euros, the iPhone was back online! (Imaging the do-do-do-do-do video game charging up tune in the background).

Link sets the course and he was on his way to the laundromat.  Upon arrival, two puzzles were presented to him.  There were no detergent for sale and the washer and dryer are EXORBITANTLY expensive (7 Euros for wash and 5 Euros for dry, that's like 17 USD)!  Link has the money but definitely didn't have the change. A quick search for nearby grocery stores led him deeper into the foreign neighborhoods away from the touristy parts.  In the mean time, Link texted Princess how she feels about doing the laundry without detergent.  She said she suppose that's better than nothing.  Now Link supposes he has the green light to do the load with just water to save him the trouble of seeking out detergent in the land of "no-grocery-stores".  However, Link is kind of a germaphobe and he would like to please the Princess to the fullest so he decided to further explore this realm.  The store was eventually found and the aisle has been located.  Next challenge: what to buy.  Link was pretty sure at one point he has either holding some sort of liquid bleach or drano but once again with his broken Spanish, the storekeeper pointed him to some detergent tablets.  He handed her the 20 in hope of getting loads of change, but she refused.  With still a few Euro short, Link has no choice but to hit up another grocery store, this time he decided buy some potion (mango juice box) that he doesn't need at a corner bodega in hope for more change.  After visiting three stores, with the last store guy saying "we're not a bank, no more", Link barely has enough change.

Even though the cleanliness of the laundromat is still questionable by Link's standard, about two hours later, he was carrying victoriously a backpack full of clean and folded laundry back to the hotel.

Didn't lose any vitality from getting hit by cars or stepping on dog poo
Link may have shrunk one of Princess's shirt
Loads of XP earned . . . leveled up!


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I heard that you missed dinner yesterday. I just wanted to ask you if wanted to come to dinner today, and surprise, you said Yes!

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