Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No. 0018 - Clt-Alt-Delete on People

For all those Windows user, Clt-Alt-Delete should not be anything of a surprise to you. For as sad as it is that we need to use it all the time, nonetheless, it is a very useful function. What's even better is that Clt-Alt-Delete brings up the task manager in which would allow you to end whatever specific task that is stuck or not responding. Imagine that function with people. Imagine the next time you get stuck in a bad conversation with some stranger at a party. . . . Clt-Alt-Delete, Task Manager, End Task "Conversation with Wierdo". Then that's it!!! How beautiful is that! Another great feature to task manager is the performance tab. It would tell you how hard the computer is working for you. So the next time you feel stressed about anything or that you have too many things to do, Clt-Alt-Delete, task manager, end task "drop out of school".

Disclamer: this invention idea will not be responsible for any rash decision made nor responsible for any system crashes or failure to your mind (ie going crazy)

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

No. 0017 - Task Rewarder

I'm not sure how many of you actually uses a software of sort to keep track of daily tasks (ie. Outlook or Lotus or some Palm software), in anycase, I do. My list at work has pretty much became my slave driver with due dates and stuff. For as much as it has became my source of stress, I couldn't describe the joy I receive from clicking the little box to mark it done. Sometimes I would even hold down the mouse button as I'm pressing the "mark complete" button to extend my few short fragments of a second of satisfaction. Here is a suggestion, what about integrating a task rewarder to our PCs (or Macs to be politically correct). It is quite a simple contraption. All it does is that whenever you get done with a task and you hit that "done" check box, a treat, like candy, will pop up to reward you for a job well done. In this way, your enjoyment will extend from simply clicking the button to a lengthen enjoyment in your mouth. Now of course, computer programs would have to be written to prevent the abuse of the task rewarder. In essences, you can't get rewarded for tasks like "going to the bathroom" or "chit-chatting with your cube-mate" (You get the idea). I can even envision the second generation of the task rewarder already, also known as task punisher. Instead of a reward, it will shock you (ie through your mouse) when a task is not done on a specific date.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

No. 0016 - Underground GPS

I logged this invention in a registry in the depths of the Peppersauce caverine in Oracle AZ. If you want to read it, you must enter the caverine and find the registry book. Good Luck!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

No. 0015 - Life Expectancy Calculator

This morning I've made a determination to pay more attention at my health, so I started to look more into what are some of the health benefits that my employer has to offer. I came across this online test where you can input your health info and then it will give you an assessment of where you stand and what you can do to improve your health. But one thing that really surprised me about this test is that it also asked about my driving habits and mileage (just in case you are interested, if I decide to drive the speed limit for the rest of my life, I can increase my life expectancy by 1.98 years). Then it hits me, wouldn't it be nice if we can calculate how long we are going to live by considering all aspects of life: type of job we do, where we live, how many kids we're going to have, what kind of foods we like, the kind of risks that we like to take and etc. Imagine how useful such a report can be. From a single's perspective, I think such a report should be required before a marriage proposals, or maybe even on your first date. One might say "considering I'm going to die 5 years before you, you sure you still would want to date me?" or as for a proposal case, an eager fiance might say "if you still want to marry me, then we really need to start some sort of savings to take care of you during those 5 years that I'm DEAD before you DIE too!" Yes, death is not a topic that most would find entertaining to talk about, but the bottom line is that it is hard to predict and it will happen to all of us. That is why a "life expectancy calculator" can come in handy to take out all uncertainties so we can make better decision in life and plan up to the day we die!

Digression: I'm currently 27.25 years old but I'm really living at 27.97 so I'm technically dying .72 years ahead of myself. . . I definitely need some improvement here.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

No. 0014 - Piñata con el Coche

I was over at a friend's house for a birthday party this week and of course, there was a piñata. Besides the birthday boy, most of us had an opportunity to take a swing at it with a broom stick, mainly because this piñata was quite sturdy. Then I think back, I couldn't recall the one time when a piñata would get hit and explode in such a manner that the candy would go all over the place. Search your piñata memory bank real quick. What usually happens? First thing, the string always breaks first. Then, after you re-tie it, maybe an appendage would break off (in this case, it was Spoonge Bob's leg). Then what?! Then the candy would slowly trickle out of a piñata fracture and would still retain most of the candy. The bottom line is that the satisfaction of the out pour of candy is taken away due to the over sturdyness of the piñata. After a few batters, my friend Nate suggested "maybe we should us a car instead." This is where I took that idea to the n-th degree. Why not a car?! Here's how I envision it. Blindfold the birthday person and put them in a car. Dangle the piñata with a long stick and give it to the "runner". Yes it would suck to be the person holding the stick with the piñata running around in an empty parking lot (with no light poles of course), but imagine the fun and entertainment the spectators will have. To ensure the safety of the "runner", all you need to do is to have an extra long stick which would give the runner ample of time to dodge the charging vehicle. . . . kind of like bull fighting with a car.