Wednesday, May 23, 2007

No. 0018 - Clt-Alt-Delete on People

For all those Windows user, Clt-Alt-Delete should not be anything of a surprise to you. For as sad as it is that we need to use it all the time, nonetheless, it is a very useful function. What's even better is that Clt-Alt-Delete brings up the task manager in which would allow you to end whatever specific task that is stuck or not responding. Imagine that function with people. Imagine the next time you get stuck in a bad conversation with some stranger at a party. . . . Clt-Alt-Delete, Task Manager, End Task "Conversation with Wierdo". Then that's it!!! How beautiful is that! Another great feature to task manager is the performance tab. It would tell you how hard the computer is working for you. So the next time you feel stressed about anything or that you have too many things to do, Clt-Alt-Delete, task manager, end task "drop out of school".

Disclamer: this invention idea will not be responsible for any rash decision made nor responsible for any system crashes or failure to your mind (ie going crazy)


Amanda Ball said...

A while ago, Vivian came up with the idea of "Get Out of Conversation Free" cards. Same idea, but you just hand them a card and walk away.

Michael said...

How about a mute button on people? In a meeting and the guy won't shut up, reiterating the same point or summarizing what you just watch him talk and make body movements but with no sounds...could be funny and lighten the mood in the meeting. I would like to try this on some people in particular to see them rock in ther chair and blabber their mouth...priceless

Patrick said...

Mike, that would be hilarious! (And I know exactly who you are talking about)