Friday, September 19, 2008

No. 0044 - Help Patrick Train for the 2012 London Olympic Games

What a spectacular show the Beijing Olympic was! With all the world class athletes coming together under one stadium and competing, it makes it well worth the four year wait. Beside the sporting events, my favorite has got to be the parade of nations during the opening ceremony. That is where you can get the scoops on all the likely gold contenders and which events to look forward to. I can't begin to image how cool it must be for all the athletes walking into the stadium representing their perspective county, while also in the presence of so many elite athletes from all over the world. You know? I love it so much, watching this year's parade of nations gave me the inspiration to make a goal for myself: I WANT TO MAKE IT TO THE PARADE OF NATIONS IN THE 2012 LONDON OLYMPIC AS AN ATHLETE!

Great, I got a goal. Now I just need to pick a sport, train for 4 years and elevate myself to the world class levels (or at least better than everyone else in the US). Now, like I said, all I have to do is to make it to the parade; I don't have to get a metal or anything. I just want to make it to the parade! I'm somewhat athletic but definitely not world class. I love to play soccer but I'm often the "last-pick" guy. I have ping-pong paddles and everybody thinks I'm automatically good 'cause I'm Chinese, but I'm definitely no Forrest Gump. The problem with having Olympic dreams at age 28 is that I'm a bit late. Most Olympic athletes start their training almost as soon as they can walk. Gymnasts for instance, how do you think they can flip and fold themselves up like that if they don't start when their bones and joints are still malleable, unlike mine when it hurts just to sit on the floor for an extended period of time . So basically, main stream sports are off limits for me. This is where I need your help (this month's invention is more of a collaborative effort), I need you to help me find a sport.

I have given this some thought and came up with three strategies. (1)Get into a non-popular US sport, (2)revive an old Olympic event and (3)make up a new sport.

I need to find a sport that is relatively new and foreign in the US so I may get good fast and stand out. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think the only event that the US didn't participate in Beijing was team hand-ball. From what I've observed, I think the strategies are a lot like soccer but you play with a size 2 soccer ball, with your hands and on a smaller field (what a deal! less running). I like this option because I think my chances in a team sport are much higher than an individual sport since all I need to do is to make it to the "bench".

Second strategy, revive an old sport. I visited the Olympic website and shopped around for that. And guess what?! I found Tug-of-War! It was last competed back in the 1920 Antwerp Belgium summer games. I was pretty excited when I saw that. How many people in the world play Tug-of-War on a regular basis? Heck, if I can start a team and practice like mad man for the next four years, I think gold is in site people! But the biggest obstacle remains, we would have to convince the IOC to put it back on the games. Come join the cause at my Facebook group "US Tug-of-War Olympic Team". I would imagine convincing the IOC to put events back will be tough after all, they have just given softball the pink slip for 2012 (sorry girls) because of US dominance. But here's the thing, I don't think Tug-of-War is biased towards any country. It is simply one of those sports that people all over the world have left behind. Now some of you may argue if it is even a sport and we will save that debate for another day (Yes it is!).

Third, making up a new sport. I'm not really creative with games (that's why I need your help) but if I were to make one up, it would have to be something that I'm already good with. All I got so far is parallel parking and poking fun at things. It would be a pretty long stretch before either of these things would become a sport. For those of you who knows me well, are there any random things that I'm good at that remotely resembles a sport? If so, do tell.

I've also done some research locally and seen what training is available. The closet thing I've come to is fencing (the website post actually said Olympic training). But me, fencing!? I'm not really good with sports that involve holding anything. I used to do Tae Kwan Do when I was young but I'm afraid of getting kicked in the groin (bad experience, don't want to talk about it). I need your help people! I'm also open to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic games (Curling maybe?) but that's only two years away. So whatever you suggest, it has got to be dang easy and unpopular.

P.S. - I've attached the most athletic and toughest picture that I can find of myself. Hopefully this might give you an idea of my physiques so you may suggest according.


Anonymous said...

Patric, I'd love to help you but I'm currently busy with my own Olympic plans. I want to see Untimate Frisbee on the schedule for 2012 and then I too would have to prepare to represent my country. However, if you're working on getting a new sport introduced you might want to try something like Bocci Ball (pronounced bochy). I believe it was initially an Italian game so it has international appeal. It is also growing in popularity, last week it was annouced during the BYU football game that athletes such as Max Hall were currently picking up the sport. Don't worry though you don't have to be a NCAA starting quarterback to play Bocce all you need is some depth perseption, and a good understanding of newtonian physics probably wouldn't hurt.
Since you're going to petitioning the olympic committee anyway would you mind putting in a good word for raquetball, I would mind seeing that in the next Olympics as well.

jamila said...

Patrick!! I would love it if you went to the Olympics. I would totally support you and wear a t-shirt that said something like "Patrick in the Parade - 2012."
Have you thought of speed-walking? You don't have to hold anything to do it, I just think you need to be able to swivel your hips. In fact, an elder in my mission was training for the event - I wonder if he made it?
Good luck, and if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.
P.S. Tucson misses you!

Patrick said...

To Anonymous, Bocci Ball huh? I'll definitely look into that. To Jamila, speed walking sounds doable. I love to hike, but just not on asphalt. Good suggestions you guys!