Wednesday, April 4, 2007

No. 0006 - Home Depot Gladiators

I'm not a violent person, neither do I condone violence. But, lets just make an assumption that colosseum games are a thing of American pastime, then Home Depot Gladiators could be quite entertaining. Here's how it works. You throw in a few gladiators in a Home Depot with no weapons, release a few hungary lions and tigers and let the game begin. For survival sake, the gladiators must be creative and must know their way around Home Depot because the idea is that they must make their weapons and protection along the way. The gladiators could make something like a "modified morning star" thing with an axe attached at the end of a chain, imagine the damage you can do with that! How about screwing a cabinet handle to the back of a toilet seat cover, you get a shield! Throwing saw blades like a ninja star could be quite dangerous too (don't even get me started with the power tools - simply deadly). Basically, the sky is the limit when it comes to variety. To make things even more interesting, put up those orange gates that would block the isles! Turn the whole place into a labyrinth! Let them even drive those crazy fork lifts! Just remember, if you ever become one of these Home Depot gladiators, just don't get stuck in the gardening section; a leaf rig is just as deadly as it gets.

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Roseanne Bezzant said...

I prefer the chainsaw. They make boring activities exciting.