Saturday, April 21, 2007

No. 0011 - Zip-line to work

I must confess that this invention idea won't serve many people, in fact, it is quite selfish but I still think it is a good idea (for me at least). I spent roughly 30-40 mins to travel 30 miles to work everyday. And that's only one way my friend, the return trip is even worse. The ironic thing is that once I've arrived at the parking lot of my office, I can see clearly of the end of the mountain ranges where my apartment is located; it is a straight shot. What if I were to build two columns, one by my apartment and the other right by my work. Connect a zip-line between the two columns and hook a basket (cockpit) on the line. I can make the column at home adjustable in height by remote control so I can manipulate the elevation ensuring two way traffic on the zip line (it would really suck to get stuck at work just because my column at home can't be lowered). However, this invention isn't exactly flawless. One must consider all the telephone poles and power lines along the way; it would really suck to be "clothes lined" at 300 mph while being electricuted at the same time. Also, this can only serve a few people as "zip-line traffic" can get real dangerous and real messy really fast.

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