Saturday, July 14, 2007

No. 0024 - Baby's First Book

Unlike most of my other inventions, this one actually exists. A friend of mine, Amanda, gave birth to a baby awhile back, however you see, Amanda is really different because she decided to make her baby shower co-ed. Considering this is the first baby shower that I got invited to, I wasn't going to embarrass myself and in front of my friends because of a crappy gift; I was determined to make it good. Then it hit me, I'll make her a book, not just any book but a book for babies with advance mathematic and engineering theories. Another friend also helped me out at this and I must say, it was pretty good. Here an excerpt from our book:

"In “Baby’s First Book”, Elton and Chow presented some advance topics that sometimes they don’t even know in its entirety. However, this book has come forth targeting children as young as newborns with the intention to give gifted babies a head start . . . a major head start.

Imagine how amazing it would be to see your newborns to identify turbulent flow out of the milk bottle, or to recognize the founding father of Physics, Sir Isaac Newton, before they can even count. How impressive it would be to see your very own baby is trying to figure out the stability of a bifurcation diagram using a TI-86 while other newborns are slobbering on their nasty chew toys. Elton and Chow provide that opportunity for newborns to take their intellects into a level that surpasses any soft felt story books ever made.

This book is decorated with colorful illustrations and interesting looking text intended to tantalize the young minds into remembering the topics presented. It will change and revolutionize the way you raise your newborn."

Side note: with another friend of mine, Josh, we purchased a doggy sweat shirt for the baby as my second gift. I mean come on! Dog crawls, dog gets doggy sweater; baby crawls, then why can't baby get doggy sweater too! Here's the link if you are interested

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Hilary said...

I'm rather concerned for any children that you may, one day, bring into the world. Just don't marry another engineer. Or do- then this might actually work.