Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No. 0027 - Monsters with Shoulders

I've recently had a random conversation with my friends about the Power Rangers the other day. We talked about how dumb it was and how I despised the show, even as a young child. I like to consider myself to be somewhat of a decent film critic, and I know what I don't like in a show; and I know I didn't like the Power Rangers. The show is so predictable, so predictable that it has a pattern. They all start out with some elusive monster wreaking a havoc, then the Power Rangers investigate, then somehow the monster freakishly grows ten times bigger and starts to topple buildings. The Power Rangers would then conjure up their dinosaur themed robots, get their butt kicked a little bit for dramatic purposes, then they would combine into one big robot and kicks the trash out of the monster; every episode, same pattern. (Unfortunately, I've seen enough episodes to point out these observations). Let's think back with me for a minute. Have you ever realized how all of the monsters that the Power Rangers defeats, most of them really don't have the full mobility of their shoulders? The monsters often just swirl their arms around aimlessly as their death rays emitting eyes or fiery breath are doing most of the damages? I mean come on, if you are a monster and are going to take on some advance dinosaur-like robots, wouldn't you want your shoulder cuffs to rotate so you can use one arm to put the Power Rangers in a head lock and use your other arm to grab a semi truck or something to beat the Power Rangers silly?! (A little side note: I especially love those monsters where it is just one giant eye ball with legs and stuff. Real smart! Let's choose one of the most vulnerable parts of our body, make it big and see what kind of damage it can do. . . . maybe it can stare down something . . . duh. Power Rangers, leave your robots at home because a giant case of mace would be sufficient). So to all those future villains out there that are planning on taking over the world, please, give your monsters some shoulders would ya?


Mark E said...

Patrick, you've got me laughing hard to myself. Hope I'm not waking up my roommate on the OTHER SIDE OF OUR APARTMENT. Lol

Jinggo said...

Maybe that's why the monsters are so angry all the time. "Gimme some damn shoulders! Where are they!?!?!?" I'd be mad without shoulders too.

Patrick said...

Yeah, mobility is always nice.