Sunday, July 29, 2007

No. 0026 - Call-in-Sick Detector

Call-in-sick. What a concept! When people call in sick, employer normally don't check doctor's notes or proof because they wouldn't want to challenge the "employee/employer trust". Yet, people abuse them all the time. And the darn thing is that everyone suffers when one call in sick, even you as a co-worker, because guess what?! You've just been asked to cover for the little boy (or girl) who cried wolf. What do you do then? Call them on their bluff and don't cover for them while they might be coughing up blood at work, or cover for them and wonder if your co-worker is joy riding their way to San Diego?
For all the bosses and managers and co-workers out there, here is an invention for you: a call-in-sick detector. The detector sits inside the cell phones. It will take samples of the breath of the caller and run an analysis on it to see if indeed the caller is sick. On your cell phone, it will have an indicator showing how sick the person really is; simple as that. So the next time your co-worker is calling in sick and asking for your help to cover for them, check your call-in-sick detector on your phone. If it indicates ". . . strong as an ox", then you could give response like "sorry, I've already decided to get sick today as I'm on my way to the beach."

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Mark E said...

Lol, but then you would have to have the employees consent to installing a call-in-sick-detector when they are hired. Most employees wouldn't like that. Unless you did it while they are all dazed from all the orientation at 7am on their first day. Just tell them you're "registering" their phones and need to borrow them for a few hours. Funny stuff. Keep it coming.